The Question Pool can be used to provide unique quizzes for each student in your course by drawing a selection from a group of questions. Question pools can also be used to quickly create review quizzes as well. Note that question pools typically work best with at least 5 questions in the pool.

1In the Quiz Editor Screen, select the "Create New" button and select "Question Pool".


Give the question pool a title.

NOTE: The title is for your benefit. Students will not be able to see the title. If you want to let students know what chapter/section/module that the questions are coming from, use Section (Create New>Section).


Click on the "Browse Question Library" button. We will get to the other options in just a moment.

When you do, a menu will appear from the right-hand side:

  1. You can use the search bar to search for a question
  2. Use the Source Dropdown menu to switch between "sources". These sources can be the Question Library or any of the quizzes you have created previously.
  3. Use Filter to filter by question type (in the selected source).
  4. Using Sort will allow you to sort the questions by question type, points, or alphabetically.
  5. Use this checkbox to select/deselect all of the questions in the source
  6. Use these checkboxes to select/deselect individual questions
  7. This button can be used to preview the question


When you have selected all of the questions from the source that you want, click on the Import button in the lower left corner.

NOTE: You can import questions from multiple sources into the same question pool. simply repeat the previous step (3) and this step (4).


When you do that, you will be sent to the question pool screen. Now we can look at some of the other options available here:

  1. Select the number of questions that you want D2L to pull from the pool.
  2. Set the number of points that each question will be worth.
  3. When you set the 1st option, the preview will allow you to view what the question pool will look like. If you want to see what a different preview will look like, there will be a button in the upper-right corner, looking like two arrows chasing each other (image B). This will allow you to reload the preview. 
  4. When you are done with these options, click on Save.




When you do, you will see a set of questions with the title you gave the question pool appear at the bottom of your question list.

NOTE: Sutdents will not be able to see the title of your Question Pool. That is for your benefit only. Put the Question Pool into a Section (Create New>Section) for students to be able to view a title. 

When you are done editing your quiz, click on Save and Close. 

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