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Click here to see our D2L tutorials for students.

COLI also maintains D2L Support Notes.  These are tips, observations, and other information that has not yet made it into a video tutorial.  These are worth scanning from time-to-time, to learn something new.

Below are links to short tutorial videos featuring various things you can do, and tools you can use in D2L.  Some videos have text transcripts available. Those that do not typically feature closed captions available within the video player.

Course Materials & Links in the Content Area

The Basics: Adding Modules, Uploading Files, and Rearranging Modules and Topics - Transcript

Creating Links in D2L - Transcript

Building and Editing Web Pages in D2L's Content Area - Transcript

Topic and Module Descriptions - Transcript

Adding Existing Activities and the Manage Files Area - Transcript

Basic Visibility in Content (Hidden vs. Visible.)

Record Webcam Videos to Communicate with Students - Transcript

Using Google Drive-based materials in D2L

If you just need simple sharing for videos, audio, or other content, that keeps your content out of Google search:

If you wish to share content with your students more securely, consider this method:

    1. Securely Share With Your Students via Google Drive
    2. Install a Google Drive-hosted Video into D2L
    3. Install this YouTube video in your D2L Course Space, that instructs students to log into their Google Drive:  

For more features, see D2L's Content Tool for Instructors YouTube Playlist


Using Rubrics

Create an Analytic Rubric - Transcript

  • The video doesn't mention it, but within the Rubric editor, check the box next to competencies. See the following video for details.

Where's My Missing Rubric?

Attach a Rubric to a Discussion Topic - Transcript

Grade a Discussion Topic Using a Rubric - Transcript

BrightSpace/D2L training content

The videos and documentation below are provided by BrightSpace, Desire2Learn's parent company.  Unlike our videos, they show a generic or example version of D2L that looks somewhat different than our D2L.  But you'll still see a lot there that's helpful

Desire2learn Learning Environment at YouTube

Desire2Learn Text Documentation