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Google Apps for Education:
Canisius has a Google G Suite for Education license, which includes Gmail to manage email accounts, as well as Google Calendar, Documents and Spreadsheets, and other Google enterprise applications. 

About your Canisius Gmail:
Your Canisius Gmail address is your official email address at the College. This is the email address to which the College and your instructors will send important notifications.  It is also the email address that will receive copies of any messages sent to you from within the Desire2Learn Learning Management System.

How long do students keep their Gmail accounts?

Google Drive 

Basic Organization, Uploading, and Downloading in Google Drive

If your professor shares via Google Drive, log in to see course content.

Export files/documents from G Suite Applications

Class Sharing Possibilities

Here are some tutorials for how you might share files (and folders) in your courses.  But before choosing any one of these, consult your course syllabus or other assignment instructions.  Has your professor approved, or directed that you use Google Drive to share files?  Also,  see if your professor has chosen one of these as the course standard. 

Simple sharing: upload and share a video or audio file with your professor.

Using Google Drive to Share Videos in D2L Discussions

 Access a Folder Your Professor Has Shared With You (For a Class)

Google Slides

Google Forms

Google Drawings


Google Calendar

Google Calendar Basics for Students - Transcript

Using the Zoom Extension in Google Calendar

Google Sites

Google Meet

Using Google Meet

 You can find many more tips at the G Suite Learning Center.