Welcome to the Guide to Media Services. Below you will find an overview of media-related services for faculty and staff. The links below will allow you to jump ahead to a specific section.

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Media Center
Supports non-computer (TV, DVD, Blu-ray, document camera, projection, etc.) equipment in the Instructional Technology Classrooms, offers video production and video conferencing services, loans out equipment for audio & video production, as well as providing audio and video duplication (CD & tape/DVD & tape) and conversion (tape to CD/tape to DVD) services.

Help Desk
Provides telephone and walk-in (Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library, main floor) support as well as email support ( for computer-related questions. The Help Desk is your source for immediate classroom assistance.

Center for Online Learning & Innovation (COLI)
This group provides support to faculty for Desire2Learn, online teaching, and academic technology tools for all teaching and learning.

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library
Houses and circulates the instructional and entertainment audio and video collection; manages the purchase and lending of media titles; provides access to collections via the online catalog. The Library also lends media equipment such as still and video cameras, web cameras, and LCD projectors.

Student Records & Financial Services Center
Schedules the classrooms (for courses only) and has overall responsibility for them. However, requests to schedule a classroom for a meeting or special event are handled by the Office of Event Services.

Office of Event Services
Schedules rooms and media equipment for special events (meetings, speakers, etc.).

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Instructional Technology Classrooms (ITCs)
Classrooms are separated into five levels, based on the technology available in each. While the descriptions here are for typical classrooms, please note that some rooms do feature more unique/specialized setups.

Level 1
TV for DVD and/or VHS playback

Level 2
Ceiling-mounted projector or LCD TV, media player (DVD player, VCR, or DVD/VCR combo unit), ability to connect a laptop computer

Level 3
Ceiling-mouted projector or LCD TV, permanent computer, media player (Blu-ray player, DVD player, VCR, or DVD/VCR combo unit), most have a document camera, ability to connect a laptop computer

Level 4
Same as Level 3, but the room (or lab) also has computer stations for each student

Level 5
Similar to a Level 3 in most respects, but specialized equipment sets it apart from the Level 3 designation

Looking to schedule a particular room for classes during the upcoming semester? Please contact Lisa Fischer (, ext. 2995).

Looking to schedule a classroom for a meeting or event? Please contact the Office of Event Services at ext. 2180.

For more information on each classroom, please call the Media Center (ext. 2590) or visit the What's In My Classroom? page.

Media Center
Television studio space and editing suites are available in Lyons Hall by reservation. For information, visit the Media Center's
Production Facilities page.

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library
The library houses a variety of workstations for individual use of DVDs, video cassettes, and CDs. Call the Service Desk (ext. 8412) for information.

Richard E. Winter '42 Student Center / Marie Maday Theater / Montante Cultural Center
The Office of Event Services schedules media resources and services for these areas. Contact the Office of Event Services (ext. 2180) for information. These areas are generally reserved for special and public events, and are not appropriate for most typical classroom events.

Koessler Athletic Center
For special events, space in the Koessler Athletic Center may be reserved by calling the Director of Canisius Athletic Facilities, Patrick Clarke (ext. 2982). Media Services (i.e. microphones, projection, etc.) must be reserved through the Office of Event Services (ext. 2180).

Other Conference and Meeting Rooms
Meeting space can be reserved in other areas of the College. Contact the Office of Event Services (ext. 2180) for media requests and a list of rooms and referral information. Instructions for use of some of these spaces can be found at the Media Center's Event Support page.

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Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library
The majority of non-print media collections that are available for the support of classroom instruction are housed in the Library and can be found through the Library Catalog (see "How to Find Videos and DVDs in the Library Catalog" below). These materials are shelved on the first floor open shelves. Some additional media materials are located behind the first floor Service Desk and in the open stacks. Call the Service Desk (ext. 8412) for information. Faculty may borrow the materials directly from the Library for classroom or personal use; the normal loan period is one week. Delivery service is not available and materials must be returned to the Library. Avoid problems by planning ahead and giving adequate notification.

How to Find Videos and DVDs in the Library Catalog

  • All videos are cataloged in the on-line library catalog. If you are not looking for a specific video, but merely want to browse through a list of the items in the collection, do a KEYWORD search using the term DVD and select CONTENT TYPE: DVD/Blu-ray/Video.
  • Using the KEYWORD search option, you can find what the Library owns by a particular actor, actress, writer, studio or director. 
  • You can contact any librarian for additional information or if you have difficulty in locating materials in the collection by calling ext. 8411.

Students may use all titles in the media collection, but most materials may be checked out for ONE WEEK. Therefore, we recommend that specific titles be placed on reserve if entire classes will be required to view or listen to them. This will prevent the titles from being circulated out of the Library to other faculty or students. Simply call the Service Desk (ext. 8412) or make a request online.

New Purchases
Modest funding is available for the purchase of new titles. Faculty should contact the Library Acquisitions Department (ext. 8414) for more information. At least four weeks notice should be provided.

Some materials may be too costly to purchase or they may be available only through rental mechanisms. Again, call the Library Acquisitions Department (ext. 8414) to arrange for rentals and provide adequate notice. 

Media Center
The Media Center houses most College-produced video and audio materials.  Included in the collection are videos of guest speakers and events, and historic archival footage. Use of the materials is by appointment with the Director of the Media Center, Dan Drew (ext. 2569).

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Video Production
The Media Center provides consultation, facilities, and equipment to meet the video production needs of the campus community. Contact Dan Drew (ext. 2569) for consultation services. Equipment, editing suites, and the television studio may be scheduled by stopping by the Media Center main office in Lyons Hall 414.

The Media Center provides personnel and equipment for the videotaping of on campus events. In order to ensure that personnel and equipment are available, requests for taping should be made no later than forty-eight hours in advance of the requested time. The Media Center cannot guarantee service without sufficient notice.

Permission must be granted by the guest speaker to be taped. Contact Dan Drew (ext. 2569) to obtain a release form for the speaker to sign, as well as to discuss any other needs for the recording of your event (multiple camera setup, editing, DVD authoring, cost of service, etc.). The release form can also be downloaded by clicking
here (PDF).

In addition to making arrangements with the Media Center, the Office of Event Services (ext. 2180) needs to be informed of the request as well. Either notify them while scheduling your event or contact them after you have consulted with the Media Center.

Video Conferencing
The Media Center has two Polycom HDX 7000 point-to-point videoconferencing systems. Each system is comprised of an HD codec, EagleEye HD camera, and Polycom HDX microphone. They can be connected for display on installed projectors or used with one of our mobile LCD TV carts. The Polycom HDX 7000 also has the capability of having a computer or document camera connected to the system (via the DVI port). This allows for the sharing of video and audio content from these devices to the participants on the far end during a conference.

These mobile systems can be setup in various locations on campus to facilitate distance learning, guest lecturers, meetings, and interviews. Call Dan Drew (ext. 2569) at the Media Center for additional information or to schedule a video conference.

Off-Air Taping
Off-air taping of television programs can be requested, subject to copyright compliance, by contacting the Media Center (ext. 2590).

The Center for Online Learning & Innovation conducts workshops introducing faculty and staff to a variety of technologies for teaching, learning, and productivity. Schedules are announced in "The Dome", the college's daily online news publication for faculty and staff. To find out more information or to sign up, visit:

Campus Cable Television
Faculty should note that students who live in the residence halls have access to an expanded Direct TV line up. Faculty may wish to assign viewing to their students. Channel listing information can be found below.

Canisius Channels
Canisius 1 (Media Center): 3.1
GriffinTV: 4.1
Montante Cultural Center: 5.1
Koessler Athletic Center: 16.1

HD Channels
WGRZ (NBC): 101.1
WKBW (ABC): 101.1
WNED (PBS): 102.1, 102.2, 102.3
WIVB (CBS): 102.11
WNLO (CW): 103.3
WUTV (FOX): 104.1 

CBLT (CBC) 104.11

What other channels are available? Where can I see the full listings?
The TV directory for all digital channels can be viewed on channels 23.1 through 24-1.

You can also view the full listings by going to Screener.

  1. Click on "TV Listings" and then "Change My Location".
  2. Use 14208 as the zip code.
  3. Select Canisius College - Cable (Buffalo) as the provider.

Please note that the Canisius Cable system carries only Digital and HD channels. If you have an older analog TV then an analog-to-digital converter will be required. More information, including converter recommedations, can be found on the ResNet page on Confluence.

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Canisius College is committed to abiding by all copyright laws that relate to media. Consult with the college's copyright policy if you have any questions.

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Q. How do I know if a specific video I need is available?
A. Check the Library's on-line catalog. If we don't own the title, contact the Library Acquisitions Department (ext. 8414) to arrange for a purchase or rental.

Q. If I am in a classroom trying to use equipment, how do I get help if I am having problems?
A. For Instructional Technology Classrooms, call the Help Desk (ext. 8340). The Help Desk consultant will contact appropriate personnel to handle the situation.

Q. How do I get swipe card access to a classroom?
A. Faculty members scheduled in a classroom or computer lab that require swipe card access are automatically assigned access to that room at the beginning of each semester. Ad hoc access to these spaces can be requested by contacting the ITS Help Desk (ext. 8340). Please call at least a week in advance to make sure that your request will be processed in time. Some labs, however, are classified as department labs. Ad hoc access to those spaces is controlled by those departments.

Looking for more Frequently Asked Questions? Click here.

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Media Center (LY 414)
Director: Dan Drew, ext. 2569
General: ext. 2591
Voicemail: ext. 2590

User Services
Director: Scott Clark, ext. 8357

Center for Online Learning & Innovation (OM 404)
Director: Mark Gallimore, ext. 8355

Help Desk (HO 016)
Manager: Grant Guzda, ext. 8340

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library
Director: Kristine Kasbohm, ext. 8407
Acquisitions: ext. 8414
Service Desk (Reference): ext. 8411
Service Desk (Circulation): ext. 8412

Student Records & Financial Services Center (BA 107)
Assistant Registrar: Lisa Fischer, ext. 2995
General: ext. 2990

Office of Event Services (SC 003)
Director: Connie Pileri, ext. 2192
General: ext. 2180

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