Step 1. Visit the Kivuto Webstore

Web Address -

Step 2. Click "Sign In" and use the credentials you created during Registration

Step 3. Click "Start Shopping" > "Parallels" tab > "Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac"

Step 4. Click "Add to Cart"

Step 5. Visit your "Cart" and Check out"

Note: For the purposes of this walkthrough, we'll will purchase Windows 10 separately

Step 6. Accept the Terms of Agreement

Step 7. Enter your billing information if necessary followed by "Proceed with Order"

Step 8. Once the software has been purchased:

  • Save the activation code; we'll need this later
  • Click "Download"

Step 9. Download and Open the Parallels installer

Step 10. Double Click the Parallels Installer box

If necessary, allow Apple's Gatekeeper to open the application:

Step 11. Install Parallels > Click Accept

Step 12. After the install SKIP installing Windows 10!!!

Step 13. Open Parallels from your Application Folder > Create a Parallels Account

Step 14. License Parallels with the Software Key from Kivuto (see Step 8)

Step 15. (Optional) Install Parallels Toolbox

Step 16. Finish Parallels Installation

Following the install, you should see a screen like the above. Next obtain and install Windows.