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Please go under My Applications in the portal and select “Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Configuration” and fill out the security questions/phone/secondary email. You will get prompted to verify your login via MFA every time you access something that uses Single Sign on (SSO) from an “unknown” device.  I strongly suggest you try to use the security questions or the SMS (text message) option. If you prefer to use the email verification method, make sure it’s a non Canisius email address that has a complex password, and that password is not the same one you use at Canisius.  You can also use the phone recovery option to verify your account using your cell phone.

The above link is how you access the MFA dashboard.

The above screenshot is what you will see when accessing the MFA link. 

For the account recovery section there are three options.  It is a good idea to setup at least two of them.

In the account recovery settings you can set security questions.

You can set a recovery email.  You will be sent a code that you will enter to verify your account.

You can also set your cell phone number to receive the code to verify your account. Only click UPDATE if you are changing this phone number.

From the dashboard you can access your devices that you have used to sign into the portal.  Select Get started.

You can untrust a device and also see where your account has been accessed from.

When you access the portal from a device you can use any of the methods for verification that you chose.

This is the screen you will see to enter in security questions.  You can select the trust this device option if this is your personal device.

You can select the send email option to receive the security code to your email.

You can also receive a text to your cell phone to receive the security code.

We are not using the change password option in the dashboard.  There is a link however that will take you to the change password screen.

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