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TV Service

As of Fall 2015, the Canisius Cable system carries only Digital and HD channels.  Older analog TVs will require analog-to-digital converter. 

In order to take advantage of the TV service on campus, you will need to bring with you a television with a clear QAM tuner and a coaxial cable. There is one coaxial cable television outlet per bedroom, however you may use a splitter if you would like to connect a second television.

Channel Lineup & Program Listings

  • The TV directory can be viewed on channels 23.1 through 23.10. You can also view the full listings by going to Screener. Click on "TV Listings" and use the college's zip code (14208) as your location.
  • For all other residence halls select: Canisius College - Cable (Buffalo)

How do I make my analog TV work on the school's digital cable system?

  • If you have an older analog television and your school cable system is digital, your television cannot receive the signal without use of a digital-to-analog converter box.

  • Apogee has tested and recommends Technicolor DCI 401 because it is a “100% compatible” model. All standard definition and high definition channels will pass through the converter box and display on an analog television. Your high definition (HD) channels will be scaled down and will not be in a true HD format but will be viewable.

  • There are less expensive set top box converters that are 99% compatible. The iView 3500STB II has been recommended by users. Less expensive set top boxes occasionally have closed caption or emergency alert notification problems.

  • The following page has information about the converter box you would need to buy. ( )

    Download the DCI401 User Guide

Networked laserjet printers are available in the residence hall labs (Palisano, Delavan, Village Townhouse Community Center), and run off the same print management system as the printers on the main campus. For more information visit our Printing at Canisius webpage.

Maintaining Your Computer:
In order to keep your computer running smoothly, make sure that you keep your computer's operating system up-to-date on all security patches and use antivirus software. Please visit the ITS Student Services webpage for more details.
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Telephone Service (Landline)

For those students who do not wish to rely on their personal cellphone, Apogee offers optional landline telephone service for $59.80/semester. This price includes all local and domestic long distance calls; International calls will require a calling card.  You can sign up for this optional service through

Campus Phones in Common Areas
The telephones in the lounge and common areas are capable of providing on-campus emergency (711) and toll free calling.

Cell-phone Coverage on Campus
If you are experiencing a problem with cell-phone coverage on campus, please report it to the ITS Help Desk at (716) 888-8340 or email