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OM 417 seats 5 students.


OM 417 is equipped with one chalkboard.


Lighting controls, along with a phone, are
located on the wall opposite the TV.

Old Main 417 - Level 2 Classroom - Seats 10Remove

EquipmentRoom Features

• 42" LCD TV with remote control
• DVD/VCR combo unit with remote control
• Ability to connect a presenter's laptop

• Seats 10 5
• Tables and chairs (movable)
• Light switches by door
• Wireless internet and network access
• Phone (wall-mounted)
• Chalkboard (side wall)

OM 417 has been equipped for recording lectures.  See the attached PDF for instructions.

Powering Up the Equipment
The power for each device must be turned on separately. The 42" LCD TV is powered on by pressing the POWER button on the Toshiba remote control.  

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42" Toshiba LCD TVToshiba remote control

The power button for the DVD/VCR is located in the lower left corner of the combo unit.

The adjustment of volume is done using the VOL + and - buttons on the Toshiba remote control.

NOTE: Computers have their own volume controls which may need to be adjusted separately.

DVD or VHS Tape Playback (via the DVD/VCR combo unit)
Once the equipment is powered up, insert your disc or VHS tape into the Toshiba DVD/VCR combo unit. The combo unit is controlled using the buttons on the unit or the corresponding Toshiba remote control provided.

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The DVD/VCR combo unit is located
inside the wooden cabinet
Toshiba DVD/VCR remote control

The LCD TV must be set to input (1) DVD to display the DVD/VCR image. Press the INPUT button on the Toshiba TV remote control until (1) DVD is highlighted and then press EXIT to close the input menu. To switch between DVD and VCR modes, use the VCR/DVD button found on the combo unit itself.

Connecting a Laptop
The cables needed for connecting a laptop computer should be found by the LCD TV on the wooden cabinet.

Using the VGA cable


1. Plug the VGA cable into your laptop's VGA port.


2. Plug the audio cable into your laptop's headphone jack.
3. Press the INPUT button on the Toshiba remote control until the LCD TV is set to (9) PC and then press EXIT.
4. Turn on your laptop's power.
5. If needed, set your laptop to display on a secondary display.

Below is a list of resolutions supported by the Toshiba LCD TV in this classroom. Select one of these in your laptop's display settings for best results.

Supported ResolutionFormatAspect Ratio
1024 x 768XGA4:3
1280 x 768WXGA15:9
1280 x 1024SXGA5:4
1360 x 768WXGA16:9
1366 x 768WXGA16:9

NOTE: You can press the PIC SIZE button on the Toshiba remote control to toggle between the different picture sizes (Natural, Full, and Dot by Dot) to ensure your image appears correctly.

Don't have a VGA port on your laptop? Visit Training & Support to find out what type of adapter is needed to connect your laptop.

Powering Down the Equipment
Press the POWER button on the Toshiba remote control to turn the LCD TV off. The DVD/VCR combo unit must be powered off separately.

Be sure to remove any media from the equipment before shutting it down.

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