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There are two versions of Exchange 2010 Outlook Web Applications. The first is the Light version. This is the version that most closely resemble previous versions of e-mail that Canisius  used. It has the fewest capabilities and is the easiest to use. If you check the box on the login page that say Use the Light version of Outlook Web App. The second version of the Outlook Web Application is the Standard version. To use this version do not check the Use light version box on the login screen. When you log in, you will be notice significant differences in the capabilities and appearance over the light version. We strongly encourage you to use the latter version. It's not that much more difficult to master and you'll find that once you learn some of the things you can do to increase your productivity you'll be glad you did. Workshops will be offered throughout the year to help you learn the new OWA as painlessly as possible.

This section will provide documentation to help you learn OWA Standard on your own. Many of the documents you find here will also apply to the light version. In the future, documentation specific to the light version will be provided.

Outlook Web Applications 2010 Standard