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In an effort to reduce the effect of viruses and malware/spyware on campus computers, we have compiled a list of programs that the ITS staff has found useful in combating these security threats.

ESET Online Scanner: ESET offers a great free virus/malware scanning tool that runs from the web. It is intended to be used to clean a computer, however does not replace a full antivirus software package.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Detect and quickly remove malicious threats to your computer.

TDSSKiller Logo

Kaspersky TDSSKiller Root Kit removal tool: Kaspersky Lab TDSSkiller is a tool designed to remove some of the worst threats, a root kit. It only looks at this specific type of threat, so it should be used to supplement other antivirus software.

Download the EXE version here:   

Spybot search and destroy logo.png

Spybot Search and Destroy: Spybot is a tool that is very good at cleaning malware and spyware threats from your computer. It is best used to supplement the other tools listed.

AdwCleaner Logo

AdwCleaner: AdwCleaner is an excellent tool for the removal of browser hijacks and other nuisance threats. It often finds threats that some of the other tools miss. Run this as a final pass, it will prompt you to reboot when it is done.

RKill Logo

RKill : RKill is a program that was developed at that attempts to terminate known malware processes so that your normal security software can then run and clean your computer of infections.

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