Canisius College currently has a license for several tools offered by the company Turnitin, that aid in teaching students good writing practices. Originality Check and GradeMark are directly available in Desire2Learn.  Instructors activate these tools when creating or editing a dropbox, and then can use these tools with student files submitted in that dropbox.

When a Turnitin is active on a D2L dropbox, students see an icon indicating that:

Activate Turnitin Tools in your D2L Dropbox

Video Tutorial - Transcript

In your D2L Dropbox Editor, click Evaluation and Feedback

Click Manage Turnitin.

Then, on the popup screen for Turnitin Integration, enable both GradeMark and Originality Check.  We strongly recommend letting your students see their Turnitin scores immediately after submission.  To do this check the box next to Allow learners to see Turnitin similarity scores in their dropbox folder.  Then click the blue Save button

Lastly, click Save and Close to save all changes to your dropbox.

You will then see a specific icon to the right of the dropbox, indicating that Turnitin is active.

What if My Dropbox Has Already Collected Papers?

You are still able to activate a Turnitin Similarity Check and other tools on a dropbox, after it has collected student assignment submissions.  However, you will likely need to manually direct Turnitin to check each and every paper.  This is done by clicking the file tray icon under Turnitin Similarity Report, on the Dropbox's submission page:

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