Canisius Password
Your Canisius Username (NetID) & Password will be used to log into everything on campus, including myCanisius, your Canisius email, the Desire2Learn learning management system, and the 'Secure Area' of Banner.

Since this password provides access to so many campus resources, it is important that it be very secure. In an effort to establish "strong" passwords, all new passwords must meet the criteria below.

Password Requirements:
  • At least 8-characters long.
  • A mixture of alphabetic letters and numbers
  • At least one "special character"
    • Allowed special characters are:  
      ! % * + - / : ? and _
    • Disallowed special characters are:  
      #@ $ & “ ( ) , < > ` = ; and the space character
  • Can not contain your name, the words "canisius" or "password."
  • Passwords are also case-sensitive so it is good (but not required) to include both upper and lower case letters
  • Your current password must be different from previous passwords

How can I create good, secure, and memorable passwords?