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VPN Instructions (PDF)

VPN Guidelines

  • Access to the Canisius Virtual Private Network (VPN) Is only for select faculty and staff use.
  • All requests for access to our VPN should be made by emailing
  • Once VPN access is granted and provisioned by ITS staff, the following guidelines will govern usage:
      1. VPN access will only be granted on college owned computers.
      2. It is the end users responsibility to use these college computers for college business purposes only.
      3. The college owned computer must be brought on campus once a month and connected to the college network (hard wired or wifi) in order to pick up the latest software updates.
      4. ITS requires the use of strong passwords. Policy manual reference is below.
  • For reference to the campus policy manual regarding passwords and remote access refer to the link here. Password Policy - Section 2.4.12, Remote Access - Section 2.4.14

Best Practices for VPN Use

  1. Only connect to the VPN when you need access. Do not leave your computer connected to VPN when not using Banner or accessing the shared drives. We have a limited number of connections and lots of people that need to use it.
  2. If you prefer, move your documents to your Canisius Google drive. That way you can access them without needing the VPN and can still share them with other College personnel. DO NOT use Google Drive associated with your personal Gmail accounts for work related documents, only use your Canisius Google Drive. NOTE: This will not work for documents on BANJOBS.
  3. Do not use streaming video and audio services on your computer while you are connected to the VPN. It will create too much network traffic on the VPN connection and slow everything down. We have limited bandwidth available and must maximize its use properly.
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