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This is a supplemental step-by-step for the Zoom Registration Videos. Please view Part 1 and Part 2 before proceeding, which will go through setting up a Zoom Meeting with Registration.

The purpose of this supplemental material is in case you would like to share the list of registrants with someone or if you want to save it for some other reason. Check out the steps for this below:

1First, go to and log in by click on the Single-Sign-On button and using your Canisius Credentials. 

2On the left-hand side, find the option for Reports. You may or may not have a dropdown menu titled "Account Management", which the Reports option will be under.

3Next, you will be taken to a page that looks similar to this one. Choose the second option, Meeting.


You will then be sent to a list of your previous meetings within a certain range, which you can edit to find other meetings.

The important thing here is that you choose Registration Report (which should be selected by default). You can also come back and generate a Poll Report, to the right of Registration Report option.

Once you have ensured that you have Registration Report selected, click on Generate, to the far-right of the Meeting that you want to Generate a Registration Report for. 

4bIf you have multiple meetings you want to generate Reports for, you can select the checkbox to the left of each and click on the Generate button that appears above Scheduled Time. If you do generate a report this way, you will still need to continue to step 5 and 6.


When you click on Generate, a pop-up will appear and ask you to choose a Registration Type.

All Registrants will generate a report that includes Approved and Denied Registrants.

Approved Registrants will only generate a report of those registrants that were accepted into the meeting.

Denied Registrants will generate a report of those registrants that have been denied access.

Once you have figured out the Type you want to generate, hit on the blue continue button in the lower-right corner.


In the Report Queue, the Report that was generated might take a minute to actually generate. It should also be at the top of the list.

Once you have your report generate, click on the blue Download hyperlink to the far right.

The download file will be a CSV file that you can open and edit in Excel or share easily via email.

7Once you have downloaded your report and opened it, you will get something similar to the image to the right. The report will include columns for any data you wanted to collect (for example, if you also wanted to collect the registrant's address, job title, a custom questions, etc, each will receive their own columns with the respective registrant's answers).

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