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Some Productivity Tips

 Don’t be a Slave to Your E-Mail:

  • When you start your day don’t open your e-mail unless your most important task of the day needs information that’s supposed to be in your inbox today.
  • If possible, turn off all e-mail notifications including popups and chimes. They’re distracting and probably not essential to the work at hand.
  • Don’t read your e-mail more than two or three times a day unless your job success is highly dependent upon it. Try to read your messages at periods of low energy.
  • When reading your messages do one of the following until your inbox is empty:
    • Reply if the reply is short.
    • If the reply takes more than a few sentences, call the sender and resolve the message.
    • Walk to the sender’s office for a short meeting to resolve the message (this is great exercise).
    • File it for reference.
    • Delete it.