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Welcome to the Center for Online Learning & Innovation (COLI) Wiki. Here you will find self-paced training resources, links to our social media presence, upcoming events and opportunities offered by COLI, and information on working with our staff. 

Our goal is to help faculty, students, and staff use internet resources to reach the potential of their better selves academically and professionally.  We support face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses, as well as extra-curricular opportunities. 

The COLI Wiki is a supplement to our public web page

See our Events Calendar for Upcoming Workshops, Meetups, and other Opportunities.

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Popular Guides, Tutorials, and Related Resources


Google Apps

Data Gathering (Surveys, Forms, Quizzes, Exams)


Teaching Online

Resources for Student Assignments

Practical Tech Tips for Student Writing

Google Sites for Simple Website Construction

Student Video Assignments


All other COLI Guides, Tutorials, and Documentation

COLI works with Faculty, Students, and Staff specifically using web-based tools and resources for teaching, learning, and innovative projects. For documentation related to computer hardware, accounts, software licenses, email management, and other IT-related subjects, visit our friends in ITS.

The COLI Calendar

Here you can find workshops, meetups, and other events the Center for Online Learning & Innovation hosts or supports. 

Agenda View

This shows you what's coming up soon.  Scroll or click "Look for More" to see more events further in the future.

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Month-to-Month View

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Mark Gallimore, Ph.D., Instructional Designer, Director

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Years at Canisius: 5

Lead on: Technology in Teaching & Learning

Academic Areas of Research: History of Technology, Digital Humanities