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Asynchronous Discussions (Message Boards)

Quick Start: Basics of Creating a Discussion Topic in Content -Transcript

New Discussion Creation Screen - Transcript

  • A quick overview on creating Discussion Boards in D2L

Organization and Management of Discussions in the Discussions Area - Transcript

  • Overview of how Discussion Boards are organized and quickly manage them

Building Discussion Forums and Topics in the Discussions Area - Transcript

  • An in-depth look at building Discussion Boards in D2L

Creating Threads and Replies in Discussion Topics - Transcript

  • Quick overview on interacting with a Discussion Board in D2L

Insert a Picture (Photo, Diagram) into a Thread or Reply - Transcript

  • Add a picture to your discussion post

Visibility (Start/End Dates) and Locking Options - Transcript

View and Print Discussion Topics Using Grid View - Transcript

  • You may be required to keep discussion posts for your/department records

Grade and Provide Feedback for Student Contributions in Discussions

Attaching a Rubric to a Discussion Topic - Transcript

Grading a Discussion Topic Using a Rubric - Transcript

  • Grade and provide quick feedback on a Discussion Board using a Rubric 

Record Webcam Videos to Communicate with Students - Transcript

Installing Links, Files, or YouTube Videos into a Discussion Topic - Transcript

  • Add other types of content to a discussion board

Create a Single-Topic Small Group Discussion

  • Allow students to view and reply to threads from others in their group only

Subscribe to Receive Email Notifications When a Class Member Contributes to a Discussion

Restore a deleted discussion board (Text Tutorial)

For more features, see D2L's Discussion Tool for Instructors YouTube Playlist