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The Divisions of the College, or College Organization navigation tree simply follows the organization of the college and in most cases, that of wiki spaces.  The  Resources links provide a faster track for visitors to reach things most relevant to them, faster.  The Divisions links go directly to spaces for each of the five divisions.  Within the Division spaces, pages or links are arranged by office or departments.  The schools within the Academic Affairs Divisions also have their own spaces as well. 

The Resources link set provides a way for visitors to reach things most relevant to them, faster.  The Resources links each go to separate pages in a single space, where there are grids with links.  No other pages or content should be in that space if they properly belong to any administrative unit of the college.  Exceptions would be pages that provide documentation or instructions for resources that straddle administrative units of the college (and that are probably managed by ITS administrators.)  


If you manage multiple pages within the wiki, you should provide navigation on your pages so that users can find your other pages.  For example, on your highest-level parent page, you can provide links to navigate to your child pages.  In this guide, you will discover how to have an automated gadget called a macro manage that for you.  You can also learn how to headings heading styles and a table of contents macro provide easy, automated navigation for visitors on your pages (, as is done on this page you are reading now.  (Skip ahead to read about Navigation options.)

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, or some mobile devices, you may see a collapsible lefthand menu that also contains page navigation within a space.  This will work if you see it but many mobile devices do not display it.  So if you manage wiki content you need to provide navigation for your users within your pages.  If you do not, mobile users will likely tell you they cannot find content you told them was in the wiki.