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  • Rename your previous homepage (index.html, index.htm, welcome.html, welcome.htm) to have a .txt ending. 
    • for example rename welcome.html to welcome-html.txt  or index.html to index-html.txt
    • This will allow for quickly backing out if needed
  • .In your H:\public_html folder, set up a new index.html file that only has a redirect to the URI for your blog pages. (an example below)

Sample index.html file:

<html xmlns="">    
   <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url='[YourBlogSite]/'" />
   <p>This page has moved to a <a href="[YourBlogSite]/">[YourBlogSite]</a>.</p



Please contact Leah to assist you in redirecting your Web page: