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Image AddedCanisius College provides all students, and participating Faculty and Staff a Google Apps

for Education

toolset.  This powerful collection of resources is ideal for cloud based storage and collaboration, document creation, group projects, and easy communication over the web.  It has additional features unavailable to free, private "consumer" Google Apps accounts.

Google Apps for Education includes augmented versions of Gmail, the Google Docs suite, and cloud storage via Google Drive for all students of the college. 

For faculty and staff

that request it

, many Google Apps for Education tools are available that work with their existing Exchange email and calendar accounts, accessible through Outlook

(Faculty and Staff do not have Gmail accounts.)  Like

Like students, Faculty and Staff then have unlimited storage via Google Drive, the Google Docs suite, and campus-specific sharing options (including with students).  

For College business, we recommend students, faculty, and staff use Canisius Google Apps
for Education tools.  But anyone may also open a free "consumer" account providing Google apps and services at any time.  This includes a Gmail (email) account, the Google Docs suite, 15 gigabytes of cloud storage via Google Drive, and a variety of other services. For a subscription fee, some of these applications are upgradeable. 
storage and accounts.  Please do not use personal consumer-grade Google Drive to store files related to teaching or administrative work at the College.

We have specific spaces with tutorials, tips, and other resources to help Canisius users get the most out of Google Apps for Education:


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A list of guides maintained by COLI, for both instructors and students.


It's not often that Google Apps have technical problems. When they do, Google is fairly good about letting you know, via their Apps Status Dashboard