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  • How and where will students enroll, if enrollment is required beyond Desire2Learn, to access the content?
  • How and where will students get personal assistance, troubleshooting help, and tutorial documentation to use the content?
  • How will the provider handle any student-specific or -generated data that is stored in their system?  What security measures do they have in place to ensure the security of this federally-protected datadata, in accordance with Federal Government guidelines concerning student data
  • Does the publisher supply step-by-step text instructions with image examples, or even tutorial videos, for instructors? 
  • Does the publisher supply a number to call, email address, or a fillable web form to contact instructor support services?  
  • When may instructors access or obtain any student-specific or generated data, and when does that access end?  
  • How might instructors download and store student-specific or generated data, for record-keeping purposes?  In what file formats will that data be available to download?
  • Some content package providers enable instructors to upload their own content to use in conjunction with publisher content.  What stipulations does the publisher make concerning the intellectual property rights of the instructor who uploads her or his own content?