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  1. Always be aware of the visibility status of your page.  Who can view the page?  Who can edit it? Do not make any sensitive information available publicly. If in doubt, limit the page visibility, and ask a supervisor or colleagues for help in determining who should see particular information in the wiki, and who should not.  (You can skip ahead to visibility restrictions tools now!)
  2. Know that by default new pages are usually visible to the entire world.  Also by default, new pages are usually editable by all Canisius employees.  In only a few, specialized spaces are there space-level visibility or editing restrictions.  So for each new page, set visibility and editing restrictions exactly as you want them, before you publish.
  3. Files attached to pages share the visibility settings of the page.  A file may not be linked or visible on any page in the wiki.  But if it is attached to a page that is visible on the web, visitors could access the file through the ... menu, and the files will be picked up by search engines like Google or Bing and displayed in search results. So make certain that a page's visibility settings are appropriate for any files you attach to that page.
  4. Do not store passwords, identification numbers, grades, or financial account identifiers in the Wiki.  The wiki can contain information that we wish to make available only to certain employees such as committee meeting minutes, or perhaps procedural information for office staff.  But some information, particularly access identifiers, should not be stored or shared via the wiki under any circumstances.  Again, if in doubt, ask your supervisor.