You can follow the steps below to Copy course content from other courses. This tutorial is based on this video.

1In your course, click on Edit Course in the far right.

2You will be sent to this page, titled Course Administration. Click on Import/Export/Copy Components.


When you do that, you will be sent to the Import/Export/Copy Course Content Page. There is a list, and you can choose to Export your course in a Zip file and/or Import your course from a zipped file as well.

However, what we are going to do, and is selected by default, Copy Components from another Org Unit (Org Unit = Course).

Click on the Search for offering button.


A pop-up will appear that is titled Select Course Offering.

Unlike the picture to the right, yours will be blank. That is because you need to do a search first. 

Then, choose the course that you want to copy over by selecting the circle to the left of it. 

Finally, click on Add Selected. 


D2L will take you back to the Import/Export/Copy Course Content Page, but this time you will see the name of the course you chose and the buttons on the bottom of the screen will no longer be greyed out.

If you choose Copy All Components, you will copy all course materials from the selected course. You can skip to step 12.

If you click on Select Components, you can choose specific course materials to copy over. 


When you click on Select Components, you will be taken to the Choose Components to Copy.

If you are interested, you can view detailed information of each component. However, you will not be able to choose components until you scroll further down, until you see Select All Components.


You can choose multiple Categories of course content items (i.e., Discussions, Quizzes, Dropboxes, etc.). In this demo, we will only choose one Category.

You can then choose to Copy All Items from the category or choose to select individual items to copy. These choices are unique to each category. For example, you can choose to copy over all items from the Discussions. You can also choose to copy over only a certain number of quizzes at the same time. 

If you choose Copay all items, skip to step 11.

Then select the blue Continue button in the lower left.


When you click on the Continue button, you will be sent to something similar to this. 

If you broke your dropboxes/quizzes/etc., into categories, they will appear similar to the image on the right. However, Discussions will always appear like this because topics are required to be in Forums.

If you know you want to select a specific category of items, just click on the square to the left of the category you want to course. Everything in that category will be copied to your course.


You can click on the plus signs to the left of the checkboxes (the squares on the left of the category name). This will expand the list so you can see individual content items. 

You can click on the minus sign that appears to collapse the category. 

By clicking the checkboxes, you are able to cherry-pick individual content items. 

10When you are done choosing your items, you can click on the blue Continue button in the lower-left.


When you do that, you will be sent to the Select Course Material Screen. 

You can choose to modify your selections and Offset Dates.

Click on the blue Finish button in the lower left.


When you do that, you will be sent to the Copy Course Components History. Depending on how large your files are and what you are copying over to your course, you may see a loading bar where the green checkmark is. 

When it is finished copying over the components, you will get the checkmark and a Copy Completed with the date the copy was completed.

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