The Grades tool can be very helpful for most faculty and students. However, if you choose not to show the Final Grade until the end of the semester, there are a few additional steps that you need to take, particularly if you initially chose Final Adjusted Grades. 

1First, in the Grades Tab, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of "Final Grades" and choose "Enter Grades".

2At the top, click on the dropdown menu to the right of where it says "Final Grades" and select "Recalculate All"

3In the pop-up menu that appears, choose "Final Calculated Grade". Note: you may need to scroll down a bit or widen the pop-up menu. Then click on Calculate in the lower-left corner.

4Click on Calculate again in the menu that appears.

5Click on the Yes button in the next pop-up that appears, warning you that it is going to recalculate the grade for all users.

6Finally, if you want your students to see the final grade, you will need to release the grade to them. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of Final Grades again, except this time choose "Release All".

7Click on Yes in the pop-up that appears.

8The page should have reloaded, and maybe even given you a "Saved Successfully" banner at the bottom of the screen. When it does, you should see that all of the checkboxes under the Release column have been checked. Then click on Save and Close in the bottom-left-hand corner.

9When you go back to the Grades tab, you should see that the Final Calculated Grade section is now filled AND there is an open eye (if the eye is crossed out, that means the grades have not been released to students, meaning that students cannot see them).

10If you want to make extra sure that students can see their grades, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the student's name and choose "Preview".

11In the window that appears, you should be able to see what your student sees when the student clicks on the Grade tab.

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