Using the dropdown menu to the right of an agent, you can View and Export an Agent's history, start a Practice Run or Run the Agent immediately, or Copy the Agent.

1Go to Edit Course in the course navbar

2Find and click on Intelligent Agents in the Communication Section


Find the agent that you want to view the history of. Click on the dropdown arrow to the right of it and choose View History in the Menu that appears.

This menu will also let you Copy the Agent, Export the history of the Agent, do a Practice Run, or run the Agent immediately.


Clicking on View History will load a new page. This page will have a list of dates and times the Agent was run in the Date column, the results of that run in the Results column, the type of run (Practice, Manual, or Scheduled) in the Type Column, and who ran it (either you or the System typically) in the Run By Column.

Clicking on the hyperlink in Result column will provide more information on the users that triggered the agent and/or if an action was taken. 

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