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Click here to see our D2L tutorials for students.

Below are links to short tutorial videos featuring various things you can do, and tools you can use in D2L.  Some videos have text transcripts available. Those that do not typically feature closed captions available within the video player.


Online Quizzes and Exams in the Quizzes Tool

Building a Basic Quiz in D2L - Transcript

Creating Quiz and Exam Questions

Associate a Grade Item with a Quiz

Simple Question Randomization in a Quiz

  • Have D2L randomize questions delivery for each student. Each student will receive the same questions.

Complex Question Randomization in a Quiz

  • Have D2L populate each student quiz with a set of questions from a larger bank or pool of questions.

Preview a Quiz (See what your students see)

Why Aren't the Quiz Grades Available to Students?

Open Graded Quiz or Exam Submissions to Students

Offer Extended Time or Alternative Timeframes to Some Students

See and Manually Grade Student Quiz Submissions - Transcript

Changing Quiz Question Scores after Quiz Completed (Close Captioned.)

"Disable Pager & Alerts:" Why You Shouldn't Use It

Save or Print Quiz Submissions

Having Quiz Scores Automatically Appear in a Gradebook

Import Questions from Quizzes into the Question Library

For more features, see D2L's Quiz Tool for Instructors and Question Library for Instructors Youtube Playlists.

Using Rubrics

Create an Analytic Rubric - Transcript

  • The video doesn't mention it, but within the Rubric editor, check the box next to competencies. See the following video for details.

Where's My Missing Rubric?

Attach a Rubric to a Discussion Topic - Transcript

Grade a Discussion Topic Using a Rubric - Transcript

BrightSpace/D2L training content

The videos and documentation below are provided by BrightSpace, Desire2Learn's parent company.  Unlike our videos, they show a generic or example version of D2L that looks somewhat different than our D2L.  But you'll still see a lot there that's helpful

Desire2learn Learning Environment at YouTube

Desire2Learn Text Documentation