Google Apps for Education:

Powerful Online Tools for Faculty & Staff

ITS offers a version of Google Apps for Education for our faculty and staff that provides unlimited storage via Google Drive, and campus-specific sharing options (including with students).  Faculty and Staff will continue to use their existing Exchange email and calendar accounts, accessible through Outlook.

Faculty & Staff can reach Google Drive by clicking the link in MyCanisius, under "My Applications" in the lefthand "Launchpad."  

Logging in to Google

If you click the "Google Drive" link in MyCanisius (under My Applications) this will log you into your Canisius Google account.

However, if you wish to log into your Google Drive through an app on a phone or tablet, you need to log in with (username)

On the righthand side of your Google Drive screen you will see an email address that is (username)  But your Google Apps for Education/Canisius Google Drive account operates with and through (username) (no "my." is necessary in the address.)

However, (username) is an identifier Google uses for your Google Drive account, and can be useful to you.  This is the identity you would use to set up your Canisius Google Drive to operate through a mobile app (on either Android or iOS).  

Personal vs. GAFE accounts

Have you been using a Google account that you created previously? Did you create that Google account with your email address on your own? Click here to understand the difference between Canisius Google and personal Google accounts, and how you can transition from one to the other.

For privacy and compliance with federal guidelines for educational records, see Google's G Suite for Education site for privacy and security, and specifically their Terms of Service.

Here's some tips, tutorials, and inspiration for using Google applications:








Google explains the difference between storing photos in Google Drive, versus Google Photos, at this page. A most important consideration for Canisius users is that photos in Google Drive cannot be accessed in Photos, and vise-versa. So if you wish to use Photos to organize and edit photos, know that they will not be available in Drive.


Hangouts Meet

Use Hangouts Meet for simple Web Meetings and Conferencing


Canisius Ed Tech Videos

Check out excellent Google Drive and Sites tutorials from produced by the Canisius Ed Tech Program, and the Center for Professional Development.

A list of text guides maintained by COLI, for both instructors and students.

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