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  1. Sign up for a Wordpress account. 
  2. Change your theme to Divi.
    We highly recommend that you change your theme to Divi. Divi is a flexible, modular theme that is highly customizable. Running this theme on all Canisius blogs will allow us to more easily support you and to troubleshoot issues if any should arise. 
    1. Divi demo.
    2. What is Divi?
    3. Customize your Divi theme, basics
      1. Using The Divi Video Module

      2. Creating Single Page Websites Using Divi.

      3. Using The Divi Accordion Module

      4. Using Divi Header & Navigation Options   

      5. Using The Divi Fullwidth Portfolio Module   

      6. Using The Divi Filterable Portfolio Module 

      7. Using The Divi Image Gallery Module   

      8. Using The Divi Image Module   

      9. More Divi Tutorials

      10. Article Cards Plugin for the grid blog layout

  3. Create content.
    1. Create a post. 
    2. Create a page. 
  4. Create a newsletter that pulls posts from your blog.