You can easily access your Google Drive using the "Google Drive" link within MyCanisius (under My Applications), but you can also create a bookmark in your browser that will take you directly to Canisius Google Drive, after logging in.  In order to capture our login URL in the bookmark, you must edit the bookmark manually.  We think Chrome works best with Google Drive accounts, but below are also instructions for bookmarking in Firefox, too.

Create a bookmark for your Canisius Google Drive. You can do this while viewing your Canisius Google Drive dashboard in your browser.
Next, edit that bookmark by right-clicking (ctrl-Click on a Mac) to get a dropdown menu. Click "Edit..."

You'll see a little screen that allows you to change things for this bookmark. You need to change the URL to This will ensure that the bookmark takes you to the login screen for your Canisius Google Drive. You can also change the "Name" of the bookmark, which will govern what you see in your list of bookmarks. If you leave "Name" blank, you will only see the Google Drive icon, which is especially useful for saving room if you use Chrome's Bookmarks Bar.

When you've made these changes, click "Save." Now your bookmark is ready to use.

bookmark your Canisius Google Drive dashboard.  Then, click the "Show your bookmarks" icon in the upper right.  From the dropdown, choose "show all bookmarks."

 In your bookmarks library, find the bookmark you just created (it might be among "Unsorted Bookmarks.") 

 When you click on that bookmark, you should see an option to replace the URL.  The URL Firefox created might be something like ""  This will not bring you to our Canisius login screen, which is required for you to get into your Canisius Google Drive.  So replace it with

When you close your bookmark library, your bookmark should now take you through our authentication, to your Canisius Google Drive dashboard.  If it isn't already there, you can manually add this bookmark to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

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