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When using various other word processing tools, such as Google Forms or Apple's Pages, you can easily "export" your work in Microsoft Word's popular .docx format.

Google Docs

This video shows how to export from Google Docs (and other Google productivity apps) in various formats.  

Apple Pages

  1. Within Pages, with your document open, click the "File" menu header in the upper lefthand corner.  
  2. Hover or click "Export to," and select "Word..."
  3. In the following screen, you can simply click "Next..." (if you click the "Advanced Options" downarrow, you can confirm that you are saving to .docx.)
  4. In the following screen, type your file name in the "Save As:" entry line, and then choose where you would like the .docx file saved to. 
  5. Click "Export" to convert the file and save it to your chosen location.