An example print card.

This process will allow students to print and make copies without impacting their own printing balance.  Make sure that student workers do not log into the computers with their own credentials.  If they do they will be charged if they print anything.

Student employees should log in to computers with the user name stamped on the new print/copy cards supplied to your office by ITS. As an example the above card's username is itshdprt it is best to use lowercase to log into the computer.  Please check with your supervisor for the password for this account.

Students will still use the MyColorPrintJob or the MyGrayscalePrintJob and swipe the department print card at the printer to retrieve the print job.

The Copy Card can be used at a printer to make scans and copies by the students as well. 

It is a good idea to change the password on the account as needed using the Password Reset tools on MyCanisius.  We recommend changing it regularly as student workers come and go.  We cannot make duplicate Copy Cards.  Lost cards must be reported to the Help Desk.  Replacement cards would be reissued by ITS, not through Public Safety.

DO NOT leave the department print cards laying around in your office or on the printers.  These cards should be secured in a safe location except when needed by student workers.  They are not to be used as a convenience card to swipe at the printers for all faculty and staff.  

CopyCard accounts will need to be renewed every year at the start of the fall semester.  To request a new card or renew an existing card please email the ITS Help Desk with the request in late August or September.  If you do not have a current card one will be created and sent to you.  Otherwise the exiting cards will be re-activated.  Cards that are not re-activated will be disabled in late September.

Monthly usage reports and auditing of all CopyCards will be reviewed by department chairs and Deans.

If you have further questions please call x8340 or email