In this session, we'll focus on some great tools for communicating with clients, students, colleagues, or the entire world.  To explore a wiki for documentation, we'll dive into Confluence, an easy-to-use application available to Canisius College users.  For the next level in web publication we'll discuss WordPress, a powerful toolset for building web spaces such as simple blogs or complex websites.  Lastly, we'll show how, with the help of Mailchimp, WordPress can also publish a handy email newsletter for subscribers.

Confluence: the Canisius Wiki

Confluence is a wiki, and is useful when you'd like to have a page or set of pages native to the web that provide direction, documentation, and space for collaboration, either for visitors or clients outside your office, or just for internal users. Either way, Confluence is essentially a web site and web pages, rather than simply a collection of files in folders.

Self-Paced Training: Getting Started in Confluence is an example of what a program or office can do with Confluence. A hierarchical tree of pages with tables of contents, all available at a convenient "vanity URL."

We have a template for Office, Department or Program Home Pages. Check it out!



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