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The Web Resources Available to You

Canisius College Information Technology Services makes available to students a range of web-based technologies for learning and other student work.  Training materials (including this guide), documentation, and support are provided by the Center for Online Learning & Innovation.  In most cases these resources are available after you login using your username and password.  These are mailed to you once you are registered for a program or course, although you should change the password to personalize it, and make it more secure. If you have not received your username and password or you have any questions about them, please contact the Help Desk at

Before beginning your coursework, read the Quick Guide to Technology Services for Students. 

The things you should be immediately familiar with are:

My Canisius

Your Canisius email.  (We call it "Gmail," since that's the technology running it.)

D2L, our learning management system

Google Drive (required in only some courses, but very helpful for storage, collaborating with other students, and other things.)

The Resources You Should Bring With You

To be a student at Canisius College, you'll need to obtain some IT hardware, and possibly software.  These are just as important as textbooks but are typical of what professionals in many fields must have as well.  Before embarking on online or hybrid coursework, you should have:

  • A laptop or desktop computer.  Obviously laptops provide more flexibility.  
  • A reliable high-speed internet connection.  
  • The Chrome BrowserFirefox is also good, too.  Both are free.
  • A webcam.  Laptops typically include one, but you'll need to purchase one if you are using a desktop PC.  We recommend one like this.
  • A USB Headset. Here's a good example. This combines both speakers and a microphone in a package that blocks out a lot of surrounding noise.  But you can use any combination of speakers and microphone you'd like.  Be aware that laptop speakers and microphones can be good, but do not provide privacy, and pick up a lot of background noise.

Hardware Requirements

It is recommended that all online students have a Web cam and headset for synchronous sessions and multimedia projects. Here are the tools we recommend:

Textbook Requirements

The Canisius College Bookstore Web site allows you to search for and order new, used, rental, and digital textbooks, along with other merchandise. Click here to access the Canisius College Bookstore Web site.

Time-Management Requirements and Expectations

  • Log in to participate and complete assignments 4-7 times a week.
  • Be open when working with others and sharing ideas.
  • Learn and utilize class technology.
  • Complete assignments on time.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined.

Netiquette Requirements

Please remember that when communicating online, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge a person’s emotions and tone. Please remember these golden rules when communicating online:

1.       Think twice about posting in discussion. Is your post off topic? Is it really meant for the entire class, or just the instructor? Discussions, like meetings, should be kept solely on topic.

2.       Use computer courtesy. It is ALWAYS important to be courteous and respectful of others, whether online or face-to-face. Also, everyone is a newbie at some point, and can sometimes appreciate the patience of others

3.       Be brief online, but not too brief. All of your messages and assignments, unless otherwise stated, should be kept between 100-200 words. At the same time, a simple reply post of one sentence in agreement is also unacceptable online. All of your responses and submissions should be thought provoking.

4.       Mind your font. Writing in all caps dictates SHOUTING or EMPHASIS, writing in red dictates anger, bold dictates importance. None of the previous are recommended, unless the opportunity presents itself.

5.       Obey copyright laws. Do NOT steal.

6.       Most importantly, THINK before posting. If you are upset about an issue, write it in a doc and leave it. Come back to it after some time and re-read it. Also, keep personal information, private. See #1

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