The What's In My Classroom? section of our site provides information regarding all of the Instructional Technology Classrooms, or ITCs, on campus. Use the drop-down boxes below to find instructions for use for any of the available classrooms.

To see a list of the different types of equipment available around campus and how to use them, select the piece of equipment you're looking for from the list below.

To see more information on what's in each classroom individually, select a classroom from the list below.

To see more information on what's in each classroom, based on each building on campus, select the building from the list below.

Each ITC is categorized into one of five levels, based on the instructional technology available in that room. For more information on these classifications, select a level below.

Need a quick overview of all the classrooms?
Before each semester begins, the Media Center also publishes an updated listing of all the ITCs. This document lists seating capacity, seating type, available instructional technology, and other room specific notes for each ITC at Canisius.

here (PDF) to open the Instructional Technology Classroom Sheet
(updated on August 24, 2022).

If you experience technology issues while teaching in a classroom on campus, please contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 8340 and then press "1" for immediate classroom assistance.

When is support available?
On-site support is available during the following times:

Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Who provides support?
Calls for immediate classroom assistance ring in multiple locations. Either Media Center staff or User Services staff working the Help Desk may answer to troubleshoot over the phone. When necessary, Media Center staff will be dispatched to provide on-site assistance. If Media Center staff is not available, User Services staff may provide this support.

What if my call goes to voicemail? Should I leave a message?
Yes! If you call for immediate support and no one answers the phone, please leave a message stating your name, current location, and the problem you are experiencing. This message will be sent via e-mail to staff, allowing them to respond in a timely manner.

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