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Google Drive can be a great way for students to submit assignments to their professor.  If you want students to produce big project files, and especially videos, Google Drive may be a better choice than D2L dropboxes.  Unlike D2L's assignment collector, Google Drive can play back videos on the web, rather than obliging you to download them to watch.  

There are several scenarios you can consider, but a basic question is whether you want students to share assignment submissions only with you, the professor, or with each other, in addition to you.

Scenario 1: Students submit files only to their professor, and do not share with each other.

You can have students share files directly with you in Google Drive.  You need only identify their individual files in the "Shared With Me" section, and drag them into an appropriate folder in your Drive.  

To make this easier, share the following video with your students in Google Drive:

Simple sharing: upload and share a video or audio file with your professor.


Scenario 2:  Students create assignment folders, and share them with you in Google Drive

Watch this video, and share it with your students, to have your students create sharing folders for class assignments.  In this mode, you have a single folder for each student, where they hand in assignments.  Students cannot see each others' folders.

Scenario 3: Class Sharing

You may wish students to share videos they created with each other.  Start by creating a sharing folder for the class, that class members - you and your students - can access:

Next, tell your students how to access that sharing folder, put their files into it. Embed this video into your D2L Course Space.

Access a Folder Your Professor Has Shared With You (For a Class)

If you'd like students to share video files in Google Drive, but also link those videos in a D2L asynchronous DIscussion, embed this video into your course:

Using Google Drive to Share Videos in D2L Discussions

 Access a Folder Your Professor Has Shared With You (For a Class)

Students Basic Login Google D2L 

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