At Canisius College, we use Zoom for Web Conferencing. Zoom is excellent for such things as virtual classroom sessions, committee meetings, and conference calls.

Below, you will see information and tutorials helpful, whether you are

 The Center for Online Learning & Innovation maintains self-paced training resources, conducts workshops and one-on-one consultations for faculty & staff, and in general supports use of Zoom at Canisius College.

Participate in a Zoom Meeting or Webinar Hosted by Someone Else

Received an email invitation to join a Zoom meeting?  Here's a basic tutorial showing how to join a Zoom meeting that someone else organized:

Very likely, when you join the meeting the Zoom app will ask you if you'd like to use your computer/pc/laptop audio.  Under most circumstances, that is what you want to do. Before joining a meeting, though, watch this video so you'll know other ways to properly connect and configure your microphone and speakers:

Getting ready for a Zoom Meeting? Download the web client here.

When you join a Zoom meeting or webinar on your Windows or Mac computer from an email invitation, you will be using a small piece of software from Zoom.  If you do not have this on your computer already, you will be prompted to download it after clicking the link in the email invitation.  It's a quick download, but if you'd like to download the app beforehand, just to save time and be better prepared, you can do so.

If you are participating in a meeting, but are not hosting it, you do not need to sign up for a Zoom account within the Canisius College license.  

Host a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

Canisius College pays for a Zoom license that grants faculty and staff at the College a Pro account. This is useful if you must conduct meetings over 40 minutes, or have more options to record them. If you do not have a Pro Zoom account, click the button on the right to request one. Allow several business days for this account to be created.

Your Participants Off Campus

If you are web conferencing with colleagues or clients off-campus, you can send them the link to the above Tutorial video, showing how to join a meeting:

If your off-campus correspondents are unfamiliar with managing speakers or microphones on their computer, we recommend using the Telephone Option.  

This video shows you how to schedule a meeting through the Zoom website ( after logging in there. But the downloadable Zoom app (above) also allows fast and easy meeting scheduling. If you use Outlook on your computer, and would like to send the invitation to participants via your email account that's in Outlook, you may choose that as your invitation option, and Zoom will have Outlook create a calendar event and invitation. If you'd like to send an invitation through your Canisius faculty/staff email via Outlook web application, another email address, or do not wish to create a calendar event, simply choose the option to copy the invitation to your clipboard, and paste it where appropriate.

Schedule using the Zoom Website

Schedule using the Desktop App (very similar to mobile app)

Learn how to use Zoom:

Mark Gallimore is currently the Zoom Coordinator

Zoom works great on mobile devices, and has plugins for easy meeting scheduling in Chrome and MS Outlook