Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Canisius College Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) has the responsibility for implementing the college’s overall Program for Animal Welfare.  The IACUC’s membership and activities are designed to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local regulations/guidelines, as well as those stemming from granting agencies. The IACUC has the obligation to prospectively review all research or teaching uses of living vertebrate animals on campus purposes, to ensure that all animals involved in teaching and research on campus receive the highest standard of care and that any treatments are both humane and minimized.

The Application Process

Please follow the link below to download a copy of our IACUC’s application form.  Prospective users are encouraged to consult with Dr. Malini Suchak (IACUC Chair) for assistance in preparing the application and in navigating the review process.  Dr. Suchak can be reached at via email ( Completed applications can be uploaded via the dropbox on the IACUC D2L page or submitted via email to

IACUC Application Form.docx

Annual Reports

The IACUC has a 3:1 system in which protocols are accepted for a 3-year period, but PI’s must provide an annual report every 12 months for in-term protocols. Annual reporting form can be found via the link below. Failure to submit annual reports will result in the cancelation of the protocol and will require resubmission of the protocol as a new IACUC application. Recurring activities or activities lasting longer than 36 months must submit a new protocol application at the end of the approval period.

IACUC Protocol Annual Reporting form.docx

Questions and Concerns

Canisius College takes its obligation to the animals on campus very seriously.  If anyone develops a concern about the treatment of any animal on campus, that person is encouraged to voice that concern to Dr Malini Suchak (IACUC Chair)  at 716-888- or at  Alternatively, the concern can be expressed to Dr Jonathan O’Brien at 716-888-2534 or at  Any concern expressed in this way will be addressed by the Canisius College Consulting Veterinarian and by the full IACUC membership.