The following documentation is designed to assist users who are experiencing "Hold for Authentication" prompts when printing from their Macintosh to the Papercut queues.

Note: If you have a keychain issue with a Canisius-owned Macintosh, please consider reviewing Fix My Keychain with Self Service to completely resolve your keychain woes.

Step 1: Visit Finder > Go > Utilities

Step 2: Select "Keychain Access"

Step 3: From the search bar, type "gray". This will in turn pull up any associations with the Grayscale print queue (...also known as the Papercut Grayscale queue).

Step 4: Highlight each Grayscale queue and press the "Delete" key from your keyboard. If prompted to confirm the deletion, select "Delete".

Step 5: If you attempt to print from your Papercut print queue again, you should be prompted to enter your Canisius Credentials. Check the box to "Remember this password in my keychain" and select "Ok".